Precautions regarding aromatherapy

  • Although natural, pure essential oils are not less active on the organism. Some pure essential oils are dermocaustic, hepatotoxic, photosensitizing, and neurotoxic. Thus, misuse of essential oils can be dangerous (overdose, allergy). The Aromessence products guarantee you a safe and effective use for your body thanks to appropriate combination of chemotyped essential oils.
  • For safety purposes, the use of essential oils is not suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under the age of 6.
  • People with allergies should take the precaution of a preliminary test on the elbow.
  • If swallowed or in case of an accidental instillation, ingest or apply vegetable oil (such as olive, sunflower, or argan oil).
  • It is always recommended to wash hands before and after application of essential oils.
  • Essential oils should be stored away from light and heat.
  • Our goal is not to oppose aromatherapy and allopathy. It is not recommended to stop suddenly a treatment established by your physician to treat yourself exclusively with essential oils. In fact, they are rather valuable aids to overcome the disease faster. Allopathy and aromatherapy may therefore be taken together. Ask your doctor.
  • The cost and scarcity of some essential oils, like the delicate and tedious methods of production, have prompted some unscrupulous producers and intermediaries to use falsified and even sometimes synthesized essential oils. For this reason, all the essential oils used by Aromessence undergo regular and thorough inspections (GC) and are elaborated by a physician, Dr. Vaillant.