Hair loss – Scalp treatment

100% Natural product


Capiderm is a synergy of certified organic Argan Oil and essential oils: the Ylang ylang regulates the sebum; the real Lavander regenerates the skin; and the Atlas Cedar treats greasy hair, dandruff and hair loss. Used once a week, Capiderm cleanses the scalp, stops the hair loss, helps hair grow and repels grey hair. Results are visible after the fourth application.

Instructions for use:

Apply Capiderm on the scalp and massage it, let stand at least 30 minutes, then wash it carefully. Repeat the application once a week. After 4 applications, hair loss will stop. After 6 applications, you will start to see hair growth.

In case of eye contact with the product, clean gently with vegetable oil.

People with allergies should take the precaution of a preliminary test on the elbow.

Not to be used by children under 6 years old neither pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Keep away from light and heat.


Made in Morocco.