Aromessence is the result of several years of research and studies in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy being the use of essential oils for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

Each Aromessence product is a subtle mix of pure essential oils, natural and chemotyped*, that guarantees an effective, practical and safe use on the body.

With over forty years of study and research in aromatherapy, Doctor Daniel Vaillant develops, in Morocco, for Aromessence, synergies of essential oils, determined according to their active ingredients and compatibility. He uses an organic certified Argan Oil certified as a vegetal base for his mix.

Aromessence synergies are elaborated ​​in Morocco using high quality essential oils from various parts of the world (Corsica, Madagascar, Provence, Morocco, Croatia, Italy…).

Easy to use, Aromessence range provides a new therapeutic and cosmetic alternative, 100% natural, with a mix of essential oils “ready to use”, safe and effective, without adjuvants, preservatives, coloring agents or chemical additives.

Last but not least, the cost and scarcity of some essential oils, like the delicate and tedious methods of production, have prompted some unscrupulous producers and intermediaries to use falsified and even sometimes synthesized essential oils. For these reasons, all the essential oils used in the range Aromessence undergo regular and thorough inspections (GC).

(*) The chemotype is the original name for characterizing an essential oil from a botanical and biochemical perspective. Only through knowing the chemotype, one may guarantee the therapeutic quality and safe use of an essential oil.